‘Daylight Saban Time’ shirts mock Alabama coach for Iron Bowl loss

What was Nick Saban supposed to do -- not ask for that extra second?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Nick Saban and his Alabama team’s derailed quest for a perfect 2013 season and a third straight national championship was too good a T-shirt opportunity for Louisiana-slanted readmyshirt.com to pass up.

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The newest addition to the site’s e-shelves are shirts that read “Daylight Saban Time,” referring to the extra second that the Crimson Tide was granted to attempt that fateful 57-yard field goal which Auburn returned for the game-winning touchdown. Here’s the play:


Saban wasn’t the one responsible for having that extra second put back on the clock (that was the officials’ doing), but that certainly won’t stop Bayou Bengals and other SEC fans from taunting him about it with these shirts:

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