BYU coaches help players understand targeting rule after Takitaki ejection

After Sione Takitaki was ejected for targeting, BYU coaches are attempting to help their players understand what qualifies under the rule and what doesn't. 

Takitaki was flagged for a roughing-the-passer penalty that looked rather innocent, drawing a collection of boos from BYU fans. So, it's up to the Cougar staff to educate its players.

“The rule is, if it’s even close, they’re going to call it. And it was close,” said outside linebackers coach Kelly Poppinga. “I don’t think (Takitaki) hit him with his helmet. But it was close enough for the official to call it. 

“When they went to the review, there was no angle that could overturn it. The angle we have from the end zone, it’s pretty clear that he didn’t hit him with his helmet. It’s unfortunate for him. A tough lesson to learn. He’s got to learn to go right through that guy. That’s what I’m telling him — never hit a guy high like that. You need to go right through his chest. Hopefully from now on that’s what he does.”

(h/t Deseret Morning News)