Auburn’s eagle OK after luxury box crash

Auburn’s Spirit must be one spirited bald eagle.

After crashing into a stadium luxury box during a pregame flight, the school’s beloved mascot is doing fine, the director of an Alabama raptor center said.

Jamie Bellah, director of AU’s Southeastern Raptor Center, told The Opelika-Auburn News he’s not sure why the bald eagle careened into the luxury box window before Saturday’s game against Mississippi State.

He said the routine for the pregame ritual at home contests was very normal.

The 14-year-old eagle circled above Jordan-Hare Stadium before colliding with the window, continuing its flight and descending to a handler on the field.

Bellah said an examination and blood work revealed no problems.

Spirit came to the raptor center in 1998 after sustaining both wing and beak injuries in Florida.