2017 Recruiting Class: Top 10 Oklahoma State commits

The Oklahoma State football team has signed 19 recruits for its 2017 class, these are the top 10 best signees for the Cowboys.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are 9-2 (7-1 Big 12), looking to achieve their third 10 win campaign in the last four seasons. Head coach Mike Gundy has been able to generate some serious momentum on the recruiting trail.

Players like quarterback Mason Rudolph, running back Justice Hill, and linebacker Devante Averette, are former highly recruited players that are now vital parts of the Oklahoma State roster.

According to 247Sports, the Cowboys 2017 recruiting class ranks 32 among all FBS teams, and second among all Big 12 teams. The Cowboys have one of their most underrated classes since Gundy started as Oklahoma State’s head coach in 2005.

The Cowboys have signed 19 players currently for their 2017 class. There is one four-star signee, 17 three stars, and one two-star.

Players in this list are ranked by their position rating, scheme fit, and overall football ability based on the eye test.

So let’s take a look at Oklahoma State’s top 10 most promising commits.

10. Kris McCune, Safety

High School: Dallas Christian School

Hometown: Mesquite, TX

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 195

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

McCune received only three offers from FBS schools: Texas Tech, Kansas, and Oklahoma State. He committed to OK State on June 11, 2016. A Cowboys roster that already has 66 players from Texas just got another one.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, McCune is the 97th best safety nationally, and 179th best player from Texas.

Limited exposure could be one of the reasons why McCune was one of the lower ranked prospects in the Cowboys class. However, Gundy and Oklahoma State have made a name for themselves in the Big 12 for recruiting three-star prospects and turning them into five-star talents.

A great combination of size, speed, and ball skills, gives McCune everything he needs to succeed as a safety in Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer’s scheme. He has great closing speed and awareness. But he is not very agile.

As a running back/safety hybrid in high school at Dallas Christian, McCune understands how to play on both sides of the ball. He could have been classified as an athlete instead of a safety.

McCune has a similar build to current Cowboys safety Jordan Sterns. They have different skill sets, but both were recruited as three-stars. McCune could develop into a big-time piece for the Cowboys defense.

However, McCune is not the only safety that has committed to Oklahoma State. Tre Sterling is also a three-star safety/running back hybrid from Texas. Sterling offers a high level of athleticism but could lack in size.

The Cowboys have a pair of safety commits who could be a big part of the defense in a couple years.

9. J.D. King, Running Back

High School: Fitzgerald

Hometown: Fitzgerald, GA

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 205

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

King committed to Oklahoma State on May 5,2016. He received offers from 14 schools including Georgia, South Carolina, and Minnesota. Furthermore, he will be the fourth player on the Cowboys roster from Georgia, and the second running back. Star running back Chris Carson is other.

According to 247Sports Composite Rankings, King is the 49th best running back nationally, and 85th best player from Georgia.

Great size and strength really define King’s game. He is a bruising running back. Former Oklahoma State running back Desmond Roland is a good comparison.

King has the ability to run through tackles and shake off defenders. He could fit the role of a third down/goal line back with blocking ability. His versatility makes him a good fit for the Cowboys diamond formation in the red zone.

A brutal stiff arm adds to the many reasons why defenders do not want to tackle him.

King has the ability to get to the outside off his first cut, which is surprising because he is known as a bruiser. He doesn’t have great breakaway speed. But, he’s got a lot of what you want out of a running back.

With Oklahoma State’s improving offensive line and running game, King could be a name to watch in the coming years.

8. Derek Kerstetter, Offensive Tackle

High School: Reagan

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 280

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Kerstetter committed to Oklahoma State on June 12, 2016. He had offers from 12 schools including Houston, Texas Tech, and Minnesota. Among a class of 12 commits from Texas, Kerstetter will join a roster of 66 players currently from Texas. There are also three players from San Antonio.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Kerstetter is the 88th best offensive tackle nationally, and 124th best from Texas. He is also the highest ranked offensive line commit for the Pokes.

Good size combined with strength and mobility highlight Kerstetter’s skill set. Kerstetter has the potential to rack up a lot of pancakes as a college player. He has a motor that doesn’t seem to stop.

The Cowboys can use all the help they can get. Their offensive line has been the weak point of the team for the last three seasons.

Overpowering opponents is the defining part of Kerstetter’s game. That ability should be able to positively influence the Oklahoma State offensive line during Kerstetter’s time in college.

Kerstetter seems to understand pass blocking schemes better than most offensive lineman that are still in high school. He has the potential to be an anchor for the Oklahoma State offensive line.

7. Thabo Mwaniki, Athlete

High School: Guyer

Hometown: Denton, TX

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Mwaniki committed to Oklahoma State on July 30, 2016. He had offers from 12 schools including Oregon, Houston, Colorado, and Air Force. Not including the 12 players in his class from Texas, Mwaniki will join 66 players currently on Oklahoma State’s roster. Furthermore, the Cowboys currently have one player from Denton.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Mwaniki is the 75th best athlete nationally, and the 143rd best from Texas.

This is one of the most underrated players in the Cowboys 2017 recruiting class. That is apparent according to Coach O Recruiting on Twitter.

Mwaniki is one of the biggest sleepers at athlete of any prospect in the 2017 recruiting pool. He has the ability to play both sides of the ball. He will most likely fit in with the Cowboys as a safety or cornerback if he plays defense. On offense, he would fit in best as a running back.

As a safety, Mwaniki shows great closing speed and ball skills. He is also a hard hitter that also shows fundamental tackling ability. The versatility to play well against the pass and the run is a key part of Mwaniki’s skill set.

Being such a versatile player, Mwaniki could see the type of rise to prominence that running back Justice Hill saw this season with Oklahoma State. As a three-star recruit, Hill also flew under the radar.

6. Shamond Greenwood, Wide Receiver

High School: Lakewood Centennial

Hometown: Garland, TX

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 195

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Greenwood committed to Oklahoma State on August 2, 2016. He had offers from 14 schools including Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, and Mississippi State. Along with 12 commits from Texas in his class, Greenwood will join a roster that currently has 66 players from Texas. However, they are currently not players from Garland.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Greenwood is the 47th best receiver nationally, and also the 47th best player from Texas.

This is the type of player that could be the next great possession receiver for the Cowboys. At 6’3″, Greenwood has the ability to go up and snag the ball from a defender on the sidelines. His 4.43 40 yard time shows the great speed he possesses. The size and speed combination that Greenwood has is rare to find.

Greenwood’s highlights show a strong route running ability. This translates into making defenders miss in the open field. A homerun receiver could be developed here as well.

Oklahoma State has a reputation of developing top tier receivers. Between former receivers Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon, and current receiver James Washington, OK State seems to always have a star wideout.

There are four receivers committed to Oklahoma State as of today. Competition for playing time will be tough as always, but watch out for Greenwood.

5. Brendon Evers, Defensive Tackle

High School: Bixby

Hometown: Bixby, OK

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 285

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Evers committed to Oklahoma State on March 16, 2016. He had offers from four schools: Ohio, Arkansas State, Wyoming, and Oklahoma State. Along with one other player from Oklahoma in his class, Evers will join an OK State roster with 24 players from Oklahoma. There are no other players on the roster from Bixby.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Evers is 53rd best defensive tackle nationally, and the 12th best player from Oklahoma.

Evers has a good speed for his size. He could put on a little bit of weight before he starts playing with Oklahoma State, but he has a good size right now.

Since he played in a 4-3 scheme in high school, Evers is ready to fit in with Oklahoma State’s defensive scheme when he enter’s college. His run stopping ability combined with his nose for the quarterback could make him a special player at the next level.

According to his Twitter, Evers is ready to step on the field for the Pokes, with fellow commit Brock Martin.

4. Jelani Woods, Pro-Style Quarterback

High School: Cedar Grove

Hometown: Ellenwood, GA

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 230

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Woods committed to Oklahoma State on April 15, 2016. He had 12 offers including Alabama, Michigan, Louisville, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, and Kansas State. Considering the level of competition for Woods’ recruitment, this was a great pickup for the Cowboys. Along with one other player from Georgia in his class, Woods joins an Oklahoma State roster with four other players from Georgia.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Woods is the 30th best pro-style quarterback nationally, and the 67th best player from Georgia.

Woods has great size at 6’7″, 230 pounds. It’s hard to ask for much more when talking about a quarterback’s height.

Furthermore, Woods has great pocket awareness and can escape the pocket quickly when necessary. He has a good deep ball and a strong arm. However, he does struggle with consistent accuracy.

Don’t be fooled by Woods’ pro-style quarterback label. He can still run the read option.

Woods is part of an Oklahoma State recruiting class that features two commits at quarterback.

Look for competition between current OK State quarterbacks Keondre Wudtee and John Kolar, with commits Tracin Wallace and Woods. With quarterback Mason Rudolph leaving no later than after the 2017 season, the competition will be open soon.

3. Tracin Wallace, Athlete

High School: South Hills

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 170

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Wallace committed to Oklahoma State on March 28, 2016. He had offers from nine schools including Oklahoma, Texas, and TCU. Along with 12 commits from Texas in his class, Wallace joins an Oklahoma State roster currently with two players from Fort Worth.

According to the 247Sports Composite rankings, Wallace is the 49th best athlete nationally, and the 91st best player from Texas.

Twins Tylan and Tracin Wallace were a prize signing for Oklahoma State. Tracin plays quarterback at South Hills. Yet, he could play at quarterback, receiver, or running back, with OK State.

If he plays quarterback, he fits in as a dual-threat QB. Wallace has elite speed for a quarterback, with a 4.52 40 yard time. He has developed quickly as a thrower, with great accuracy.

However, Wallace is a questionable fit for Oklahoma State’s system, if he plays quarterback. His smaller size and arm strength questions might keep him at a different position.

Wherever Wallace fits in, he will be a major part of the Oklahoma State offense.

2. Chuba Hubbard, Running Back

High School: Bev Facey

Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 190

247Sports Composite Rating: three-star

Hubbard committed to Oklahoma State on May 8, 2016. He had 25 offers including Alabama, Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma, Michigan, USC, and Tennessee. Hubbard was a surprising signing for the Cowboys considering the level of competition for his recruitment, and he seemed to be set on signing with Oregon. He will join an Oklahoma State roster with two Canadian players.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Hubbard is the 23rd best running back nationally, and the best running back from Alberta.

Hubbard offers an elite level of speed, considering he is hoping to be an Olympic track runner. His 100 meter time of 10.55 is crazy. Hubbard is truly a sleeper find coming out of Alberta, Canada.

According to Bleacher Report Hubbard said, “college coaches aren’t thinking they’ll find the next Najee Harris or Derrick Henry in Canada”.

His elite acceleration and agility allow him to get to the outside and reach the second level with relative ease. However, Hubbard still has the size and strength to break tackles when necessary.

The Cowboys could have some risk in Hubbard considering he will be a long way from home and had limited exposure up until recently.

Hubbard will sit behind current Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill for a while. But, he is surely to get time through his entire college career.

1. Tylan Wallace, Wide Receiver

High School: South Hills

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 180

247Sports Composite Rating: four-star

Wallace committed to Oklahoma State on the same day as his twin, Tracin Wallace, on March 28, 2016. He had 17 offers including Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Oregon, Notre Dame, and Washington. Along with 12 players from Texas in his class, Wallace joins an Oklahoma State roster that currently has two players from Fort Worth.

According to 247Sports Composite rankings, Wallace is the 25th best receiver nationally, and the 25th best player from Texas.

Wallace is the best commit in Oklahoma State’s current class. He offers elite speed and agility, with a 4.50 40 yard time. Wallace is extremely elusive and versatile. He has a good leaping ability and fits well with the Cowboys offensive scheme.

From day one, Wallace has the potential to be the best receiver for OK State. Considering offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich loves to run a vertical offense, Wallace will fit in great.

The Wallace twins were a huge signing for Oklahoma State, as Tylan and Tracin are rated as two of the top three commits in the 2017 class.

Furthermore, according to O’Colly Sports, Wallace received some rare All Amercian honors earlier this month.

As the lone four-star, Wallace could be a star for the Cowboys for many years to come.

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