Todd Gurley shares why he thinks he deserves to win the NFL MVP award

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Los Angeles Rams RB, Todd Gurley joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss his season with the Los Angeles Rams where he led the NFL with 19 total touchdowns. Plus, Gurley makes his case for the NFL MVP award.

- I mean, obviously, you know we added some new pieces to the offense. But you know, just having the year that we had last year we didn't want to have that again. So just locked in last off season. You know, just worked super hard.

MODERATOR 1: Changed things? Change your--


MODERATOR 1: Regimen?

MODERATOR 2: --work? Training program?

- Not diet. But just training-- as far as training I just tried everything, you know. I did the speed, I did agility, I did the hills, I did the sand, I did pilates, I did yoga. I was just-- just trying all different types of stuff. And just making sure I was, you know--

MODERATOR 1: Did it work?

- Yeah, I mean.

- What about the differences-- you had Jeff Fisher for two years, Sean McVay comes in you win your division, you make the playoffs. What's the difference between these two coaches?

- You know Coach McVay he's just such a offensive minded coach. He's just he's a smart guy, you know, he just has his knows offenses and he knows defenses. And just, you know, how he changed the whole offense around. You know, obviously last year we were, you know, last in offense and this year we were number one.

So for a coach to come in and do that. And you know, we knew we still had it in us, but, you know, if you don't do it you don't know. So for him to come in and just put all those tools and weapons together. It was crazy.

- So philosophically it was very different under this coach versus your previous coach?

- I mean you could say that. It was just, you know, just--

- What you said the old offense was high school-ish. That's what you said. I don't know who said it, but Todd Gur--

- We were playing like one. We were playing like one. And we were, we wasn't playing good. And you know, it was just a rough game after that game. Said some words.

But nah man, came a long way for sure from last year to this year. And we just happy to get better this year.

- You said at the last game of the season, would you want to win that rushing title?

- Oh most definitely.


- Me and-- me and Hunt, we had a conversation-- we was talking about-- I was like, man congrats. But you know we all-- we all wanted it most definitely, for sure. Because I mean that's what you dream of. That's what you-- you don't-- you know, you work-- you work hard every day in the off season to accomplish goals like that. But it's all good, it's all the good.

MODERATOR 2: You'll get 'em this year, huh?

- Yeah, yeah. It's all good.

- So you exploded in your last five games in your combined yards from scrimmage. Can you make a case that you should win the MVP?

- It's not really a case it's just, you know, it is what it is. You go out there and you put the numbers up or-- or you don't. So you know, and just kind of let the writers or the fans vote on that. And you know, just let us handle itself.

MODERATOR 1: You believe you deserve it?

- Yeah, yeah. Most definitely. I felt like, you know, I worked hard this season. My teammates helped me get it. And obviously we made big improvements.

I don't know, you know, what factors into MVP. But I felt like, you know, me and my teammates we worked hard to push me to get there. And we accomplished a lot.

- You realize you're now in the same breath with that quarterback up in Foxborough now?

- I know, I know.

MODERATOR 1: And it's gonna come to you two.

- Yeah.

MODERATOR 1: And it's you versus Tom Brady, which is pretty cool, right?

- And he's always winning, huh?


MODERATOR 1: I don't know, I don't know. There's still some resentment of him. I don't know, I think a lot of voters will say he's had a enough, he's had a great enough run, right? And you were like fantasy football heaven. You won a lot of leagues for a lot of fantasy players, right?

- Yes, I've got to get some more fans out there.

MODERATOR 1: Do they have MVP votes, I'm not sure? If they do, I think you're good.

- Yeah. If they do I definitely should be good.

- I think, I think Pepsi do a fan vote for MVP. But-- what was with you and jumping. Why you always-- I mean were you a hurdler in high school?

- Yeah I did the hurdles in high school.

- OK you be hurdlin'-- you be hurdlin' everybody.

- I don't know why I do it, man. It just like even after the play I be-- I come over to the sideline be like, why did I just do that. I'm just-- it's is just the first thing that comes.

- Well is it-- does it benefit or-- or is it too dangerous? Is it--

- I mean one day I'm-- you know, it's probably gonna end bad, but you know, until then I'mma keep jumping but--

MODERATOR 2: Could you see the guy going low and then--

- Yeah I mean for most part is more DBs, you know, most DBs are not going to hit a run running back, especially if they're going you know 100 miles per hour or faster. So it just kind of reaction and you know for the most part it's been workin'.