Marcus Smart, Joel Embiid have dust-up in Celtics 126-117 win vs. 76ers | UNDISPUTED

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Joel Embiid and Marcus Smart got into a scuffle in the third quarter of the 76ers-Celtics season opener. Embiid came down with a rebound and took Smart to the ground trying to untangle their arms. Embiid then slipped to the ground and a fight broke out. Marcus Smart explained the incident after the game to reporters, saying quote: 'Went for a rebound, basketball player, went for the steal. I stop play, my arm is still stuck in there and he tries to break it. The fact that I was the only one that got something out of it is beyond me, especially DOPY? It's maturity. I could've cracked his head open but I didn't.' Skip Bayless reacts to the scuffle.

OCTOBER 19, 2022・undisputed・2:03
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