Skip Bayless: KD taking Team USA shootaround scuffle to social media is 'Jordan-esque' and questionable I UNDISPUTED

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Team USA's first group stage game is Sunday morning against France, but some teammates are already bickering. Kevin Durant tweeted at Bam Adebayo after KD got upset at his teammate for taking the ball after he made a basket during shootaround. KD tweeted quote, 'Dog seen me knock down the corner three and proceeds to work on his ball-handling with the ball I green bean’d wit. Bro gotta learn some respect.' In less than 30 minutes, Bam responded quote, 'Stop Lying KD. You Saw Damian Lillard Take Your Rock. You Just Tried To Little Bro Me.' Skip Bayless breaks down why this was a bad sign for Team USA on the verge of their first game in the Tokyo Olympics.

JULY 23, 2021・skip and shannon undisputed・2:37
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