Gisele Bundchen looked depressed after Patriots' loss to Dolphins

BY Jimmy Traina • December 17, 2013

Gisele does not like it when her man loses!

Everyone remembers what happened after Super Bowl XLVI: The New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants, and Bundchen was caught on camera knocking the Pats' receivers for not helping out her quarterback husband, Tom Brady.

"My husband can not f---ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time," she reportedly yelled following the defeat.

She was also caught consoling Brady after the loss as shown in the picture above.

Well, the Patriots lost to the Dolphins last Sunday — and, once again, a very unhappy looking Gisele was snapped outside New England's locker room while waiting for her husband. Based upon her facial expression, it's clear she agreed with Brady's statement that the Patriots made "plenty of sh---y plays."

Click here to see the pictures of Bundchen looking sad and sullen.

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