Why players snubbed the Golden State Warriors in All-Star voting

BY Andre Vergara • January 20, 2017

The biggest story of this year's NBA All-Star voting, which for the first time featured player and media voting in addition to fan voting, is the snub of Russell Westbrook — despite the fact that he's averaging a triple-double.

Westbrook was one of the top two vote-getters among guards in player and media voting, but not in the fan voting, which was weighted to give Steph Curry the edge and the starting spot.

That wasn't the only story, though: A surprising number of players left LeBron James and Kevin Durant off their ballots. And a closer look at the player voting revealed that Klay Thompson finished eighth among guards and Draymond Green ninth among forwards.

So what's behind this seeming snub of the Golden State Warriors stars? Colin Cowherd thinks he knows.

"Players have a complete blind spot. All they see is talent wins, and it's absolutely not the case," Cowherd said on "The Herd" on Friday. "The players' voting shows they disrespected what Golden State's about. Golden State is about sharing. The fact that Kevin Durant can come into this team and get along and take over the scoring dominance, and it has not hurt the chemistry one iota, speaks to the self-awareness, the discipline and the intelligence of the Warriors' players and organization. But the players around the league don't get that and don't care about it. They wanna get theirs and they're paralyzed by talent and talent alone."