Tim Hardaway knocks Allen Iverson’s signature move: ‘I had the original killer crossover’

March 14, 2017

Tim Hardaway made a name for himself early in his NBA career for his impressive handles, leaving defenders in the dust with his killer crossover in the '90s. Seven years after breaking into the league, a highly touted rookie name Allen Iverson made his debut and wowed fans with his exaggerated crossover that famously broke down Michael Jordan.


Hardaway attempted to set the record straight regarding who is the originator of the killer crossover, telling NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper recently that “people are doing my move” not Iverson’s.

“The crossover. Everybody says Allen Iverson,” Hardaway said. “I’m going to tell you this and I tell everybody this: Allen Iverson carried the basketball. I had the original killer crossover, and people are doing my move. They’re not doing Allen Iverson’s move. They’re not doing nobody else’s move. They’re still trying to perfect my move as the killer crossover and it’s my move, all right? That’s the way it is. I brought a unique style to this game.”

There’s no doubt that Hardaway made a mark on the game as a member of the Warriors' famed Run TMC – starring alongside Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullen. But Iverson’s style also changed the game, as he became one of the first superstars who appealed to the hip-hop generation.

Here’s a look at Hardaway’s crossover. It wasn’t as flashy as Iverson’s but it definitely got the job done.