Sacramento Kings Organization: Are We There Yet? Not Exactly

BY Fansided and Peretz Cohen/FanSided via A Royal Pain • December 31, 2016

A look through the eyes of a frustrated fan at the mess of affairs in the Sacramento Kings’ Organization.

Like the old age annoying question kids ask on road trips, I as a Kings Fan ask the question, “are we there yet”? Are the fans finally going to see a team that is building?  One not torn apart by scandals and ill-fitting personnel?  A team that owns up to mistakes and takes the buck going forward?

So far with all the hope and hype that begins every season anew, we continue to be let down and have things blamed on external sources or told to be patient.  Carmichael Dave has a nice breakdown on Vlade‘s performance as General Manager.  The gist of the story is that Vlade Divac hasn’t been very good and the Kings are yet again positioned poorly.

Coach Joerger while having a promise of stability displays some George Karl personalities.   He stuck in his ways and not fully utilizing the personnel he has.

Demarcus Cousins has been a story mill for the press.  The stories deteriorate year by year.  The capper is his recent his blowup at a Sacramento Bee writer for a story he wrote.

The one point of solace in this is that Vivek has finally taken a back seat and improved as an owner.  Hopefully, that wind of change can blow through the rest of the organization because it is sorely needed.

Last but not least, Garrett keep those tweets coming!

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