Rockets GM Daryl Morey is creating a musical called 'Small Ball'

BY Nick Schwartz • December 28, 2016

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey happens to be a huge fan of musical theater, and he's working on bringing his own production to Houston. In a profile of Morey published by the Houston Chronicle, it's revealed that Morey considered becoming an investor in Hamilton, and that Morey is very particular about his preparation prior to seeing a live production.

Via the Houston Chronicle:

"One of my principles is, before you go, you have to listen to the music seven times. For sure not less. The eighth listen is when you get it."

"Morey supports local companies Theatre Under the Stars and Catastrophic, and he has his own project in motion. He has collaborated with playwright Mickle Maher on a treatment for a musical he titled "Small Ball."

The premise: The people of Lilliput, a fictional island nation that appears in the 1726 novel "Gulliver's Travels," want to join an international basketball league. But to be competitive enough for that, they import "Michael Jordan," a man who turns out not to be the NBA Hall-of-Famer but happens to have the same name.

This merger of his life passions is not a pipe dream. Morey said the show will debut in Houston within 18 months."

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