PHOTO: Blue Jays get Raptors jerseys before 2015-16 NBA season opener

Published Oct. 29, 2015 12:06 a.m. ET

The Toronto Raptors weren't able to rub any luck onto their MLB counterparts when the Blue Jays were recently eliminated from the playoffs. But that luck conduit apparently does flow the other direction.

Before the Raptors tipped off their 2015-16 NBA season against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, Blue Jays players Aaron Sanchez, Ryan Goins and Marcus Stroman were on hand to receive their own personalized Raptors jerseys -- and snag a quick photo with the Raptor himself.

It's always good to see cross-sport support in the same city. Here's hoping the Raptors can set the tone for Toronto's best teams and make an even deeper postseason push this season.