LeBron James surprises customers as pizza store employee

BY foxsports • April 8, 2016

CLEVELAND (AP) LeBron James spent a recent off day stacking pizza boxes and taking orders.

The Cavaliers star surprised customers at a Blaze Pizza store in Pasadena, California, by posing as a new employee named, ''Ron.'' In a video released Friday , James walks behind the counter carrying pizza boxes before chatting with customers as they wait in line.

James recommends trying a spicy sauce to one customer, who does several double-takes while trying to figure out if he's talking to the NBA great. Another customer mistakes him for former Miami teammate Dwyane Wade. James says, ''I get that a lot.''

James filmed the spoof earlier this month while the Cavs were in Los Angeles playing the Clippers and Lakers. It's not the first time James has shown off his acting chops. He had a supporting role in last year's comedy, ''Trainwreck,'' starring Amy Schumer.

The 31-year-old James is an investor in the Blaze Pizza franchise.



The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF5jXrZfuCA

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