Here's what Steve Kerr told the Warriors after losing Game 7

BY foxsports • June 20, 2016

There's nothing anyone can say to the Golden State Warriors that will make the pain of losing Game 7 of the NBA Finals at home hurt any less.

For everything the Warriors accomplished this season -- winning an NBA record 73 games in the regular season and reaching a second consecutive NBA Finals -- they will never forget building a 3-1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals only to become the first team in NBA history to then lose the series after holding that lead.

And yet, it is sports and competition and this is the way things go sometimes. Luckily for the Warriors, they have a head coach in Steve Kerr who has seen just about everything in the NBA -- to say nothing of the wisdom and perspective that comes from being in college and having a parent assassinated -- and was able to put the Game 7 loss in perspective. Here is Kerr's message to his team:

Kerr was also asked about if he and his team learned more from winning 73 games or from being the first team in history to lose a 3-1 Finals lead, and he handled that perfectly, too:

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