Bosh takes 'wait and see' attitude for now

BY foxsports • November 16, 2011

Chris Bosh watched basketball Tuesday night. For now, it's the best option he has.

Speaking out on the state of the labor divide that is threatening the NBA season, the Miami Heat forward said Tuesday night he cannot fathom the notion of not playing for an entire year and remains hopeful that a deal can be struck before too much longer.

Otherwise, there's a very real chance the next time he plays a game that counts could be the London Olympics next summer.

''It's still kind of weird not playing, because I've always played in November,'' Bosh said shortly after arriving at the Rutgers-Miami game, accompanied by his wife and some friends. ''So it's feeling real out of place and I still can't see it. But I think we're all aware of what could possibly happen. We don't see it happening it like that, but what can you do?''

For now, the answer is wait.

NBA players filed a pair of antitrust complaints on Tuesday against the league, one in Minnesota, the other in California. A number of NBA players are listed as plaintiffs in both cases. Commissioner David Stern has said several times it would take 30 days from the time a deal gets struck to start a season, which means Bosh will have a few more weeks - at least - to follow his preferred daily schedule of working out, seeing movies and lounging at home.

All that's nice, but he's ready to play.

''I don't like it,'' Bosh said when asked his thoughts on where things stand. ''I don't think anybody likes it. But sometimes when you're doing business it's so hard to kind of draw the line and work together, especially when it gets separated a little bit. So, everybody is where they are now and I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.''

With the way talks fell apart this week and the union began the process of transitioning to a trade organization, some players are expected to seek playing time overseas. Bosh isn't one of them - yet.

''I guess for me personally, it's probably when the whole season is (lost), if it gets to that point,'' Bosh said. ''If it gets to that point where there is no chance there is a season, then I might consider it. But even then a lot of things have to happen. It's no telling what kind of activity is going on over there with those teams.''

While Bosh was watching a college game, Dwyane Wade was spending Tuesday night in the building the Heat call home - as a guest, adding to all the oddities of the lockout. Wade was in the crowd (LeBron James was also expected) at a Jay-Z and Kanye West concert at AmericanAirlines Arena. It's believed the concert was the first time Wade was in the arena since the Heat wrapped up their season and cleaned out lockers in June. Players have not been able to have any contact with their teams since the lockout started.

''Walking into the arena aka my office for 8yrs as a guest. Feels soooo weird,'' Wade wrote on Twitter.

Bosh was one of the biggest storylines in the summer of 2010, when he and James both decided to sign with Miami and join Wade on a team built for championships. The Heat reached the finals last season, losing to Dallas in six games.

Bosh, James and Wade teaming up was not a well-received move around the league, to say the least. And as Wade did earlier this summer, Bosh can't help but think that what the Heat did in 2010 is at least part of the reason why the labor talks have gone so badly.

The lockout began when the last agreement expired June 30.

''If you look at the free agents coming up in the same situations, with Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, they can control their own fate,'' Bosh said. ''They have the power to control that and I think that's a great thing. In any job you want freedom to negotiate. With us doing what we did and Carmelo (Anthony) going to the Knicks, I think that has a lot to do with it. Hopefully we can keep that and guys can come and go and make the deal that's best for them and their family.''

James and Wade have both said numerous times this summer that they want to play for another gold medal in London next summer, after helping USA Basketball's so-called ''Redeem Team'' win the gold in Beijing in 2008.

Add Bosh to that list as well. He wants another shot at gold - but doesn't want that to be the next time he plays for a title.

''I've been looking forward to the experience ever since we had it the last time,'' Bosh said. ''We've been talking about it for years and it's been four years already, so I think everybody's real excited.''


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