10 photos that sum up the Cleveland Cavaliers' amazing championship parade

BY Andrew Lynch • June 22, 2016

More than a million people showed up on Wednesday to congratulate the Cleveland Cavaliers on their astonishing 2016 NBA championship, as the Cavs turned downtown Cleveland into the biggest party on the planet.

The hours-long parade generated some pretty astonishing moments: People risked their lives -- literally -- to cheer on LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and the rest of the squad. J.R. Smith stole the show with his rampant nakedness. And Cleveland fans finally exorcised their demons.

So to join in the celebration, here are our 10 favorite images from a parade that was far too long in the making. Congrats, Cleveland. Maybe next time, don't climb on the outside of buildings, though.

No, seriously, people were climbing on the buildings

At the time of this writing, there were no reported injuries from people turning into daredevils. That seems like a minor miracle on its own.

J.R. Smith made his case to be your first shirtless president

Smith claims that he hasn't put his shirt back on since after Game 7, although several reports dispute that. Either way, he was back to being half-naked during the parade.

Speaking of presidents, Cleveland looked like an inauguration

And for the most part, people were peaceful during the festivities.

Tristan Thompson helped keep the fans cool

As one does these days, of course.

Kyrie Irving soaked it all in

J.R.'s shirtlessness is apparently contagious.

Kevin Love is never going to put down his championship belts

Love couldn't stop talking about his straps, either.

Cleveland officially belongs to the Cavaliers

The mayor declared it and everything, you guys.

J.R. reenacted "The Lion King"

For full effect, check out the video.

LeBron James became his own witness ...

"Hi, me. I'm pretty!"

... and bridged the gap to Jim Brown

If one image could sum up Cleveland's sports history, it's this one.