Milwaukee Brewers: A Christmas Letter from Mark Attansio

BY Fansided and Ben Getka/FanSided via Reviewing the Brew • December 25, 2016

Brewers’ Chairman and Principal Owner, Mark Attansio, penned an open letter to Brewers fans on Christmas Day. The letter details management’s strategies to improving the ball club and the fan experience in Milwaukee.

Read the letter here.

Mark Attansio’s message is a heartfelt one that should leave Brewers fans confident that future Christmas days will include Brewers World Series merchandise stuffing their stockings.

Attansio begins asking Brewers fans to remain patient. He thanks the fans for their steadfast support of the team the past few years. The rebuilding period in Milwaukee, he insists, won’t be easy but will indeed be thorough. When stripping a club of just about all of its veteran talent, it’s worth taking the time to retool the right way.

Attansio proceeds to discuss the progress already made under general manager David Stearns. He mentions that about sixty percent of the Brewers’ 40-man roster has changed since Stearns was brought in in September 2015.

He highlights the talent already collected at the Major League level as well as mentioning the Crew’s much improved farm system. Attansio reiterates Milwaukee’s meticulous approach to adding young, controllable talent.

This offseason, we will continue to pursue the same strategy of consistently developing young, impact players who can excel at the style of play that Craig has established. In addition, we are investing heavily in our scouting and player development through advanced technology, talent evaluation, and analytics. We also remain committed to acquiring top young talent through the amateur draft, the international market, trades, and free agency.

Attansio touches on Milwaukee’s initiative to improve the fan experience at beloved Miller Park.

The main focus of these improvements are on the food and beverage program. Milwaukee is trying to get more locally-based restaurants involved at Miller Park. Some of these restaurants will include Smoke Shack, AJ Bombers, and Holey Moley.

This letter has a feel-good air about it overall but the last lines should leave all Brewers fans feeling jolly.

We appreciate your support as we continue toward our goal of bringing the World Series back to Milwaukee. Go Brewers!

As long as a World Series title is the main focus of the Brewers’ organization, I know I’ll be happy. No matter how many wins this team gets this upcoming season all Brewers fans should sleep easy knowing that our management is focused on long-term sustainability.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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