Elderly couple's custom jerseys at Cards-Giants game are just perfect

BY foxsports • August 18, 2015

Carol and Warren Reckmeyer don't let a little baseball rivalry get in the way of marital bliss.

Carol's the Giants fan in the photo above, seen at yesterday's Cardinals-Giants game in St. Louis. Her husband is rocking the Cardinals jersey on the left.

NewsTalk's Dan Kelly dug up more on the couple.

She's loved the Giants since way back when they were in New York. He's been a Cardinals fan for all of his 92 years. They've been married for 63 years as these custom jerseys can attest.

One look shows you all you need to know about this couple's dedication -- to their teams and each other. 

Here's a local newscast out of Rockford, Ill., about the couple and their passion for the game.

Our favorite part? When she says the secret to their marriage is that Warren always has the last word: "Yes, dear."

(h/t to Benjamin Hochman; Image courtesy of Pete Hubert )

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