Braves third baseman laced a single on a pitch that bounced before home plate

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 16, 2016

When a pitch bounces in front of the plate, it's almost always called a ball. The few occasions when it's called a strike comes when the hitter is foolish enough to swing at it. Atlanta Braves third baseman Adonis Garcia was fooled by Anthony DeSclafani's 2-2 curveball that came nowhere close to crossing the dish.

Yet, while it was a horrible pitch, Garcia somehow laced it for a single over the shortstop's head -- doing so with one hand on the bat.

It looked like something out of Vladimir Guerrero's free-swinging career.

Garcia went 3-for-7 in the Braves' 13-inning win over the Reds, moving them to 19-46 on the year.

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