Zamora stunned by Hughes exit

Hughes’ move to end his spell at Craven Cottage gave way to intense

speculation that he will take charge at Aston Villa, although a

contractual obligation to Fulham means the Welshman will be unable

to begin negotiations over a new job until the end of this month.

Zamora said: “It was a total shock, him resigning. I was surprised.

“There was no hint of it. It leaves us waiting for another manager.

“It was going well. Everyone had bought into his ideas and were

just starting to play the way he wanted. “He has decided not to

stay and we go on and try and find another manager and hope we do

well. “But Mark has got his reasons. I don’t blame him at all. It’s

one of those things. Managers and players come and go.” Zamora

believes it is important Fulham find a replacement quickly as the

players report back for pre-season training on June 23 – with the

Cottagers’ beginning their Europa League qualifying campaign a week

later. Zamora said: “We just want the right person for the club.

“We are back in training on June 23, we’ve got a game on the 30th

in the Europa League. “It would be nice if the managerial thing is

sorted before we come back. “If it takes time to find the right

person, then fair enough. “We have to take our time and find the

right person.”