SG: Suarez potential ‘scary’

Suarez has already made a big impression since joining the Reds in

January and put in a typically energetic performance in Saturday’s

1-0 defeat at Stoke. Although Liverpool slumped to their first loss

of the season, the Uruguay striker refused to give up and Gerrard –

who is working his way back to full fitness after a groin problem –

can see Suarez going on to write his name into the Merseyside

club’s folklore. Asked whether Suarez could become an all-time Reds

great, Gerrard told “I don’t see why not. “He’s

still young enough and I’m sure he’s going to get even better than

he is now, which is a scary thought. “He’s got the appetite for the

game to learn and get better. “Hopefully he will go on here for a

long time because he’s certainly got a massive part to play at this

club in the future – the history is there to be written.” Suarez

has scored three times so far this term and caused the Stoke

defence plenty of problems at the weekend. Gerrard feels that if

the 24-year-old can keep it up, Liverpool will be firmly in the

hunt for trophies. He said: “He’s a very enthusiastic footballer

and very intelligent. He’s like a kid in the street and he can’t

wait to get out for training and games. “Alongside Dirk (Kuyt) of

late, they’ve been like two Duracell bunnies. They just don’t stop

and for defenders that must be a nightmare, knowing when you

control the ball those two will be chasing. “It’s fantastic to have

him and hopefully he can continue his form until the end of the

season. If he does, it will give us a much better chance of getting

some silverware.”