SFA announces revamp progress

The Scottish Football Association has announced that a working

party will be created to try and progress the revamping of the

Scottish league structure.

The Scottish professional game board met recently after the 12

Scottish Premier League clubs agreed to a change in structure that

would see two top divisions that split into three groups of eight

clubs part way through the season.

The SFA, speaking on behalf of that board which includes members

of the SPL and Scottish Football League, have revealed that talks

have led to the creation of a working party that will aim to ensure

developments are introduced efficiently.

“The Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League have

agreed to set up a working party of nominated club representatives

to expand on the extremely productive meeting held today by the

Scottish FA’s professional game board regarding league

reconstruction,” the statement read on Thursday.

“The PGB are greatly encouraged by the willingness on both sides

to engage on the many areas of common ground and also in their

commitment to implementing change.

“After the working party have reached consensus on a final set

of proposals, they will be presented to all clubs across SPL and

SFL for consideration.”

It is estimated that the working party will meet within the next

month to begin their discussions.