Rovers job is Kean’s to lose

The Scot has been placed in temporary charge of first-team affairs

following the surprise sacking of Sam Allardyce earlier this week.

Venky’s, the Indian firm which recently bought Rovers, are now

beginning their search for a new manager but say the job is Kean’s

to lose and plan to let the 43-year-old influence January’s

transfer policy. The company’s chairperson Anuradha Desai told Sky

Sports News: “We are not making any choices now and when the time

comes we will give Steve two to three months to prove his mettle.

“Suppose he turns out to be good, then he continues as the manager

– it is as simple as that. “The option is open for Steve, it is

very clear. He has been given the time and if he does well and

proves himself, there is no doubt in our mind he would be the

manager forever, then. “Then we will not look at anybody. “We will

be keeping our options open but if he does prove himself to be

good, which we are hoping he will, then he is the manager for a

long time to come.” Desai refused to be drawn on Kean’s long-term

job prospects when asked in an earlier interview with BBC Radio

Five Live. Indeed the numerous media interviews given have created

confusion over the situation at Rovers but this latest strong

backing for Kean suggests he is likely to be given an extended

trial at the helm. Venky’s, who paid £43million to take

control at Rovers, have previously expressed a preference to

appoint a British manager but warned the process would be a

thorough and lengthy one. With Blackburn 13th in the Premier

League, it could be a good opportunity for Kean to prove his

managerial credentials. The former Celtic player was brought to

Ewood Park as first-team coach by Allardyce last year and turned

down the chance to take over as manager at Kilmarnock in the summer

to stay with Rovers. He has earned a good reputation in coaching

after spells at Reading and with Chris Coleman at Fulham, Real

Sociedad and Coventry. Venky’s already seem happy to let him have a

say on potential new signings when the transfer window opens next

month. Desai told Five Live: “It will be discussed with him and

certainly he will be the final decision-making bit because he knows

the team, he has worked with the club for a long time. “He will be

involved and he will finally decide.” It has been reported that

Allardyce’s sacking came after he objected to the prospect of

having new signings forced upon him. The owners, however, insist

the much-criticised decision to axe the 56-year-old had nothing to

do with transfer policy. Desai believes the club have bought badly

in the past but wanted to change the manager for footballing

reasons. She added on Five Live: “Some of the transfers were not up

to the mark. We could make a mistake tomorrow but there were more

mistakes than the right things being done of late. “I am not

suggesting Sam had anything to do with transfers in the past, but

what I am trying to say is we have a larger issue. “We have a

long-term vision. We want to take the club up to higher heights in

terms of position, in terms of overall betterment of the club, in

terms of development of younger players – the future. “In that, Sam

definitely didn’t fit in. “We don’t want to be, all the time, in

danger of being relegated – three points away, five points away. “I

don’t think this team deserves that. This team has a lot of

potential and we can see that. “Whatever has been done, including

Sam’s decision, there is a good reason why it has been done.” Desai

has also insisted Swiss-based sports agency Kentaro will not be

exclusively conducting transfers on their behalf. She said: “As for

Kentaro, they introduced us to the club in August and continue to

advise us, but we are talking to a lot of people and we certainly

don’t have an exclusive deal with them. “All our transfers don’t

have to go through them.” Another rumour quashed is that linking

Argentina legend Diego Maradona with the managerial vacancy. Desai

said: “He is not being considered, not now and forever for the

future. I can assure you there is nothing we are having to do with