Robson upbeat over recovery

Robson, currently managing Thailand after spells in charge of

Middlesbrough, Bradford, Sheffield United and West Brom, had the

operation in Bangkok on March 3 and is set to start a five-week

course of treatment next week. He told talkSPORT: “The doctors have

been very positive with what they’ve been telling me. “I’m over in

England for a week and I’ll get a second opinion from a specialist

here, but I am quite confident about going back out there and

receiving the treatment. “Fingers crossed everything will be clear

within a couple of months. “When I return to Thailand next week

I’ll start on a five-week course of radium treatment and just keep

my fingers crossed. They are very good over there on the medical

side and they’re very confident that it’s treatable and I should

make a recovery.” The 54-year-old also paid tribute to the speed of

the treatment he received in Thailand following his diagnosis. “I

thought I just had a sore throat, so I went into the hospital to

see the doctor on the Monday,” he said. “He diagnosed it straight

away, I had the MRI scan on the Tuesday and he operated on me on

the Thursday, so that’s how efficient they are over in Thailand.”

Robson, who won 90 caps for his country, also thanked fans for the

messages of support he has received since reports of his illness

emerged. He said: “I’ve had a fantastic response from football fans

all over the country and Europe since it came out in the media.

“When things like this come up you’ve got to be positive and get on

with it.”