Pulis: Megson can Potter on down

Megson, who managed the Potters back in 1999, was axed on Wednesday

by Bolton. In a further twist, the Reebok Stadium club are believed

to have current Stoke assistant manager Peter Reid on their wanted

list as a replacement. Pulis is aware of the speculation

surrounding Reid, but at present is more concerned with giving

Megson, a personal friend, and helping hand back into the game.

Megson worked unpaid for Pulis a few years ago while he was looking

for work and the Stoke boss would be happy to make the same offer

again. Pulis, preparing his side for Saturday’s FA Cup third-round

home clash with York, took time out today to praise Megson and

offer his helping hand. Pulis said: “Gary is well respected in the

game, a good football man. He worked for me here for three months

without pay, and did everything I asked him to do. “Gary was here

every day and he was exceptional in everything he did. “He will get

back into the game. I’ve known him since he was 15, I played under

his father, and he is one of those people you would want on your

side. “If he wants to get his boots back on in time and do some

work for me, he would be very welcome.” Pulis added; “Gary did a

good job at Bolton, he’s a very honest lad and works very hard.

“Sometimes people get carried away with what they expect a club

should achieve, but Gary certainly produced the work, graft and

effort you need to be a manager. “He would have put everything into

that club. He would not have been the sort of manager who is

ducking and diving looking to use Bolton as a stepping stone to

another job, he would have tried to do everything he could to make

Bolton a success. “When you have such an honest and hard-working

guy it is tough that people cannot see the big picture. “I will

speak to him when everything has all died down. I’ve left him a

message on his answer-phone to wish him well.” He added: “I will

try to get hold of Gary to ask him to get involved, when he is

ready there is a place for him here. There’s always a place for

him. “We have a soft spot for him, he was manager here and worked

for me when he needed to. “He may want to get some sun on his head

now, but when he wants to put his boots on he can do that here. “As

for Peter(Reid) he is an ex-Bolton player, and if he was interested

and they were interested, then fine. But I only want them to sit

down with us and tell us like men. “If Peter said he wanted to go

to Bolton, I wouldn’t stand in his way. He has worked well here,

but if he said wanted to go then that would be okay.” Whether Pulis

loses his right-hand man Reid is open to debate but he added: “If

anything happens Peter will tell me. He wants to be a manager

again, but he will be decent enough to sit down and tell me. “It is

not for me to ask people what they are going to do, if there is

anything happening he will let me know.”