Papakouli Diop says Atletico fans racially taunted him

Levante's Papakouli Diop gestures during the match vs. Atletico Madrid.

Alberto Saiz/AP

A racism row erupted in Spain for the second week running after Levante’s Papakouli Diop appeared to be subjected to monkey gestures from a section of Atletico Madrid fans during Sunday’s Primera Division clash.

A week after Barcelona’s Dani Alves took a bite out of a banana thrown at him from the crowd, the Senegalese midfielder said he danced like a monkey in front of his alleged abusers.

"They called me monkey and I turned and imitated a monkey," Diop was quoted as saying by "I’m tired of racism in football. And there’s a lot.

"I did the monkey dance to highlight the matter. I wanted people to know what happened.

"I do not know if it’s racist or disrespectful, but they have to stop the monkey noises made by some people."

Alves won widespread praise from fellow players and FIFA president Sepp Blatter for his actions in a match at Villarreal last week.