Best friends Neymar and Justin Bieber snap selfies at Brazil match

Neymar can’t play at Copa America Centenario so he is in the stands watching Brazil.

First, he was watching the match with Jamie Foxx. That alone was very LA, along with his all-white outfit and sleeveless shirt.

But he took it to another level – Justin Bieber.

Those are some professional selfie faces. And they know how important it is to make multiple faces and get multiple takes at it. Options matter.

The only way you could pull off such looks is with hours of practice, and you know Neymar and Bieber have had hours of practice.

The result:

3 kings

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This is just another step in Neymar and Bieber’s budding friendship. The two have been photographed together before and earlier this week, they kicked the ball around together. Now they’re taking selfies.

How much longer before they’re BFFs? They already have so much in common, like an affinity for Jordans, sports, fame, selfies and dumb hair. They’re made for each other.