Nelsen glad to be playing away

The two clubs are among five fighting to avoid joining West Ham in

the Championship next season as the campaign reaches its

conclusion. Rovers and Wolves are both just one point above the

relegation zone, meaning the heat will be on when they clash this

weekend. But Nelsen is confident Wolves will be the ones feeling

the strain due to the pressure of the home crowd. “If you had a

choice you’d probably rather be at home, of course,” the Rovers

skipper told Sky Sports News. “But it means there’s going to be

greater expectations on the home team and the fans are going to

demand more from the home team. “The pressure will really be on

them to perform, whereas we can do what we want to do.” Steve

Kean’s men are undefeated in three games and managed to snatch a

point against Manchester United last weekend. Nelsen says spirits

in the Rovers camp are high ahead of Sunday’s showdown, adding: “I

think we’ve had some really good results and some really good

performances. “I think going to Wolves is an exciting prospect for

the lads and the guys are really looking forward to it. “It’s games

(like this) that really bring the best out of you. “I think

everybody on our team is looking forward to the opportunity to show

off their skills when the pressure is at its highest.”