Medics blamed for Morosini death during match

An inquest into the death of Piermario Morosini during a Serie B

match last year has blamed four medics for their inadequate

treatment of the soccer player.

Morosini collapsed and died during Livorno’s match at Pescara on

April 14 because of a heart attack. Forensic tests later revealed

he had a genetic heart disease.

The 25-year-old Morosini was on loan from Serie A team


The three judges say the absence of a defibrillator had ”a

causal role in the death of Morosini.” They criticize the doctors

of both clubs, the paramedic and the first doctor to attend to

Morosini upon his arrival at the hospital.

Most of the criticism has been directed at paramedic Vito

Molfese, whom the judges say should have assumed the role of leader

and immediately used a defibrillator.