Kean ‘won’t quit’ Rovers role

Kean, 43, was appointed as manager following Sam Allardyce’s

dismissal from the post in December. However, Kean has overseen a

dire run that has seen Rovers fall to just two points above the

drop zone. The run has left many fans calling for him to be ousted

as concerns about his lack of experience continue to dog his first

management appointment. “Do I think about quitting? Not for a day,

not for a second. It just makes me more determined to go out and

win,” said Kean. “I think the criticism has been harsh. There was

little written or said when we got a point at Arsenal. “Then the

whole world is going to end because we have drawn a game [at home

to Birmingham].” The criticism of Kean has not just been

exclusively the preserve of the national media, with even the local

newspaper questioning his abilities. Yet, the former Reading and

Fulham coach insists he will draw on the negatives of this testing

period to provide a positive outcome for Rovers’ campaign. “It has

been difficult to take. It’s in your face all the time and even the

local paper is negative,” he added. “The lads don’t like it. David

Dunn and Phil Jones are from around here and they feel it is harsh.

“I can understand the frustration of the fans. We are sharing it

too. But we are going to use it and harness it in our favour.”