Stuttgart are scoring amazing own goals … and ones in the right goal

Stuttgart are 15th in the Bundesliga table, which is not very good. It’s so not very good that the only thing separating them from the relegation playoff is goal difference.

And why are they not very good? It might have something to do with this:

Goalkeeper Przemyslaw Tyton has no idea if his defender is going to play the ball or not, and yet he decides to come out anyway. Federico Barba probably should let it go, but he doesn’t know his goalkeeper can get to it so he heads it … only in the complete wrong direction. And then at the end of it all, we get the hilarious image of Tyton trying to swipe the ball out of the net.

Basically, Stuttgart did everything bad. And that is why they are not very good. 


Barba is out here trying to repent and save Stuttgart.

Give him bonus points for amazing.