Gosling free to find new club

The 20-year-old’s deal expired at the end of last month and

although the Toffees had made a verbal offer to the player they had

not put it in writing. That meant Gosling could leave Goodison Park

without Everton being entitled to a fee despite him being under 21,

which usually triggers some sort of compensation for the work the

club have invested in his coaching. The case went to the Premier

League and a panel ruled in the player’s favour. “An independent

hearing, convened under Premier League Rules, was held last week to

look into the contractual status of Dan Gosling,” said a statement

released by the Premier League. “Having looked into the matter, and

considered the arguments of both Everton and the player, it was

determined that the player is unattached and entitled to a free

transfer. “This is subject to a right of appeal by Everton which

must be brought within 14 days of the decision.” Everton refused to

comment on the case or their next course of action.