Gallas: I had other options

Gallas signed a one-year deal at White Hart Lane after his contract

at Arsenal expired last summer but the 33-year-old insists that was

not his only option. He told L’Equipe: “Everyone said I had no club

this summer. “But it’s because I said no to many clubs. I had

Juventus, I told them ‘no’ because my family came first. I wanted

to stay in London. PSG also wanted me to sign for them. I did not

want to go there. “So people should stop talking nonsense like

William Gallas had no club and at the last moment he found

Tottenham. “No, it’s just that William Gallas wanted to stay in

London for his family. I have four children and I think about my

family first. And Tottenham was a good opportunity.” Gallas has a

played a key role for Tottenham this season and would be happy to

extend his contract beyond the end of the season. He added: “We are

fifth in the Premier League and our target is to qualify for the

Champions League. “Tottenham has to be big, I play with big

players. It will be very important to be in the Champions League

next season. “So I will do my best to give everything for the fans

because they deserve it. They are unbelievable. Like I say,

Tottenham has to be big.”