Fergie hands out City warning

Cash rich City have spent £400 million in the transfer market

since Sheikh Mansour took control of the club back in August 2008.

Most of the money has helped manager Roberto Mancini assemble a

squad which has seen them climb to the top of the standings this

season. But Ferguson believes that although having the financial

clout can help, it doesn’t necessarily take you all the way. The

Red Devils’ boss told The Sun: “Yes, money can buy success as we

saw when Chelsea suddenly became cash rich. “And we are witnessing

a similar surge by Manchester City under their wealthy owners.

“Their transfer clout has taken them to the top of the league and

they are favourites to win the title. “But, while recruiting some

of the world’s leading players can lift you into contention for

honours, it doesn’t necessarily take you all the way – as I hope we

will be able to demonstrate before the end of the season as other

factors come into play.” Although many supporters have urged the

Champions to dive into the January transfer market once it opens,

Ferguson is adamant that he is prepared to be patient and wait for

the right player to become available. He said: “If a really

top-class player became available, then we would go for him. “Or if

we picked up any further serious injuries, it might be important to

add to our squad. “But let me reiterate, contrary to what some

people seem to be fixated about, money for a transfer is not a

problem if I deem it necessary. “You can never say never in the

football world. But I am perfectly happy with the strength of our

squad in terms of depth, quality and age range. “I will not be

swayed by the endless tweets and blogs urging the club to get busy

in the market.”