Big Sam quashes quit talk

Allardyce was sacked by Rovers earlier in the week following the

recent takeover by Indian company Venky’s, after joining the club

in 2008. The decision to terminate the contract of the experienced

coach has been met with surprise and it has been suggested that

Allardyce may now decide to end his lengthy career. However, the

former Blackpool, Bolton, Notts County and Newcastle manager admits

that he still has a passion to return. “I said I’d retire about now

but that was wrong. It’s not great for your health but it is a

drug,” he told the News of the World. “It’s a lifestyle you find

difficult to do without. You keep saying you might be able to do

without it but you can’t really. There’s too much in it. It’s a

necessity. “It doesn’t please (wife) Lynne when I say that…she’s

always saying ‘when are you going to have had enough’. But it’s a

way of life for me. “People asked me last time if I would consider

going into the Championship but why would people think my skill

sets would be that level? “It’s not being big-headed – it’s just

self confidence when you have done it for so long. “This was my

10th consecutive season in the Premier League but there’s only Sir

Alex and Arsene (Wenger) who have managed in the Premier League

longer than me. “And if Premier League football does not come my

way, I have other ambitions. “An international job interests me –

that would be a new adventure.” Allardyce took Rovers to a

10th-place finish in the top-flight last season and the Lancashire

outfit have been performing well this term. The 56-year-old admits

he was extremely disappointed to leave the club, especially after

the stability he had brought to Blackburn. “The real disappointment

comes when you look back at what we have achieved over those two

years,” he added. “I’m disappointed I’ve left after two years of

hard graft. I’ve really transformed a football club that was

bleeding and looking in serious trouble in relegation terms as

well. “We finished 10th last season but football has a very short

memory. We finished a good 15 points off relegation – we were

nowhere near it. And that was after looking after the finances. “I

haven’t just taken them from relegation problems into safety but we

have undergone redevelopment with financial stability. My model is

much deeper than looking after players. My model is understanding

the industry, working within it.”