Belgium fans did a guard of honor for Wales fans in Lille

The Belgian national team’s Euro 2016 campaign might have come to a lackluster end on Friday, but the side’s fans made sure the country went out on a high note.

Wales knocked No. 2-rated Belgium out with their 3-1 upset victory, continuing their run and booking a spot in the tournament’s semifinals. Instead of harboring ill will toward the team and the fans that dashed their hopes, a group of Belgian fans went ahead and did the opposite.

They formed a guard of honor for Welsh fans at the train station in Lille:

The guard of honor is traditionally formed to show appreciation for league champions or for individual players reaching a milestone. Seeing fans do it for other fans — especially ones whose team just booted you from a tournament — is a cool and classy gesture.

Although Belgium exited the tournament in blasé fashion, at least their fans can leave with their heads held high.