Duncan Robinson on what would qualify as a successful summer league with Heat

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Duncan Robinson explains what would make for a successful summer league experience for him with the Miami Heat.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - We made some early, so we kind of got some confidence early on, which always helps. But I thought the ball just moved a little bit better. You know, yesterday was our first time playing with each other, you know, on a game, so it takes a second to kind of get that feel. And I thought we were a lot better tonight.

REPORTER: So tonight you wished you could play every game like tonight, but at the end of summer league, what's going to be a successful summer for you?

- Just that we continue to grow as a team, and, you know, guys continue to grow as players, as well. You know, I think tonight, obviously, you saw us make a lot of shots, which is great, but continuing to compete on the defensive end. I thought we had really good stretches defensively, where we, you know, made it really tough on them, which is big.

REPORTER: What of your skillset beyond, we know you can shoot. It's clear that you can shoot. But what are you trying to show everybody else that you can do beyond that?

- Just that I'm a complete player. You know, I play the right way. I'm unselfish. I play for my teammates, and, you know, like you said, I can make shots. But, you know, do a little bit more than that. I feel like I'm always capable. So--

REPORTER: The first thing the other day coach mentioned about you was your basketball IQ and he right away said coming out of the system you came out of with Coach Eli. Talk about that. What did you, you know, what did your time there-- what did you learn in your time there as far as just your growing knowledge of the game?

- Yeah, you know, all the credits to Coach Beilein and his staff, and the University of Michigan quite honestly. You know, they really focus on the complete player. You know, that's from a skills perspective, but, you know, the amount of time that he puts in to growing us as basketball minds and making sure we understand the why of what we're doing is huge. And, you know, I obviously spent four years there, so you know, I had a lot of time with him and learned a lot from him. And I'm thankful for that experience.

REPORTER: When you left Michigan, I think fourth all-time in three-pointers you made. Are you the kind of guy, I mean, every shooter's different, but are you the kind of guy who has to leave the gym having made 1,000 in one day? Or how do you sort of manage that in your craft when you work at it?

- A lot of reps. I'm a big believer in there's no right way to shoot. It's whatever is comfortable, and you just got to rep it out. So that's-- that's kind of how I've lived my whole life, and, you know, I feel like I love being in the gym, and that's just how I've always been. So getting them up. And, you know, I have a very specific routine that I like to stick to and have kind of done, and kind of tweaked and change throughout my career, but that I stick to.

REPORTER: Who was it that kind of got you on that? But all the different shooter's routines, Ray Allen's famous, you know, his sort of routine. What has yours sort of entailed?

- Well, in terms of pre-game, I just have a series of game shots I like to take, and the biggest thing for me isn't about volume, but more so just moving the game speed and getting a good feel out there. So I was actually today we were able to get a little pre-game thing in, which was nice. So hopefully I can continue to do that moving forward.

REPORTER: Did you consider coming out after three years?

- No.

REPORTER: Not at all?

- No. I was-- I was, you know, after we lost in the Sweet 16, I was pretty set on coming back. You know, there were some other guys that kind of flirted with leaving early, but I was all in for four.

REPORTER: I know numbers don't tell the whole story, but I think your numbers came down a little bit senior year. Is that right?

- Yeah.

REPORTER: I mean, your average shooting percentage and stuff. Was there anything-- was it just-- did you feel you had a good year as senior?

- I mean, you know, we made it all the way to the national championships, so it's hard to say it wasn't a good year. But yeah, like you said, I mean, personally, my shooting percentage dipped a little bit, but, you know, a lot of that's in your third year playing somewhere, you're kind of a marked man in some sense. So, you know, I realize the shots, open shots, came a lot fewer, fewer in between. So, you know, I just tried to stay aggressive and, you know, shoot through those perceived slumps. And I feel like I did.

REPORTER: Do you feel your athletic ability gets underrated?

- A little bit, yeah. I was able to get one today. I'm sure my-- I got plenty of texts, people giving me a hard time about when was the last time I've seen you dunk in a game. So it was nice to get one. Hopefully, I can get a few more before the summer's over.

REPORTER: Going back to the game real quick. There were significantly a lot more assists tonight than there was last night. So ball moving time is key, especially for a shooter like you. What do you think about [INAUDIBLE] being it's still so early getting each other into the right spots and getting that ball moving.

- Yeah, I mean, it's a feel it out sort of game. How we play, you know, it's a lot of field base, so I thought the ball just moved a lot better. It didn't stick today. And obviously, you know, we made some shots, which is big. So you know, once you kind of get that confidence going and you kind of start to build that synergy with your teammates, you know, sky's the limit.