Cal can’t even get pick-six right

The news worth celebrating was that Cal defensive back Michael

Lowe had intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown.

You’re not supposed to do showy things when you score

touchdowns in college football, but this was Michael Lowe’s

time to get his shine on, teammates be damned.

So he flipped himself into the end zone and got a 15-yard

unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.


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The bad news was that none of that really happened.

Lowe was ruled down by contact shortly after the interception,

meaning anything occurring between that and the next snap

doesn’t count.

Except for penalties.

You might think wiping off a touchdown would also wipe off all

its accessory events, such as yardage and penalties. But you can be

flagged for dead-ball personal fouls, meaning Michael Lowe must

really be feeling like a dunce right now.