Vintage ‘Shogun’ Rua blasts James Te Huna with one-shot KO

On the way towards Australia, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

faced plenty of criticism and adversity. He was too old, or too

small, or a combination of both. UFC president Dana White had even

publicly spoken about the possibility of talking to Rua about


Hold off on the career obituaries.

In a turn-back-the-clock performance, a fast, powerful Shogun

torched James Te Huna, knocking him out with a crushing left hook

in just 63 seconds of their UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Silva co-main


The end came in a flash, as the two threw the same punch at the

same time. Te Huna’s never landed, while Rua’s was

flush on the chin, sending Te Huna crashing down to the mat


Rua followed up with a ground strike that wasn’t really

necessary, as the ref was already moving into position to halt the


“Te Huna is a tough fighter, a very good striker,”

Rua said through a translator afterward. “I knew he’d

come out aggressive. I expected him to wrestle. I was timing his

engagement, moving forward. I was timing his entrances. I was happy

that it landed and it ended the bout.”

The fight didn’t last long, but Rua looked vintage, coming

out lean and in good shape, and when he moved, his feet were agile

to go with his fast-moving hands. The two barely had a chance to

get started when the curtain came down.

Te Huna, who had won four of his last five fights, had actually

come into the fight as a moderate favorite over the former UFC

light-heavyweight champion. The loss drops him to 16-7.

Rua had lost two in a row and three of his last four, but now

moves to 21-9.