Luke Rockhold expresses UFC 199 regret in four words about destiny

In the lead up to his first UFC championship fight, longtime middleweight Michael Bisping repeatedly said it was his destiny to fight for and win the title.

"I’ve been going for this long and here it is. I get my title shot," Bisping said during fight week. "I believe the short time will be beneficial. I know these words are cheesy, but I do believe it’s my destiny. When I was eight years old, when I first put my gloves on, I knew I’d be world champion one day."

Come Saturday night, opponent Luke Rockhold, who taunted Bisping about the claim, was absolutely sick of the word. And after his short title reign came to an end and all of the post-fight media work was done, Rockhold had four ominous words about destiny. (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE BELOW)

Judging by Rockhold’s attitude in the post-fight press conference, and the extra words with Bisping that followed, the AKA fighter is going to be stewing over this one awhile. But at least he’s already given the UFC an exceptional tagline for whenever they complete the trilogy. 

Bisping and Rockhold exchanging a few NSFW words after the #UFC199 press conference

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