Burroughs: MMA is ‘brutal’, ‘not for me’

Freestyle wrestling world champion and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs was ready to make a move to mixed martial arts after another run in 2016, but it appears he’s now decided otherwise.

A former NCAA champion who is now considered the top wrestler in the sport on the international level, Burroughs was expected to be a huge land for MMA when he finally made the transition in a few years.

During a 2012 interview just before the Summer Olympics, Burroughs laid out his timeline for his move to MMA.

"Probably after the 2016 Olympics. I want to go two Olympic cycles, I feel like I have a lot of wrestling left in me, a lot of double legs left in me, so that’s basically my focus right now. Winning a couple world medals, win a couple gold medals in the Olympics and then make that transition to MMA," Burroughs said.

On Saturday night, Burroughs made the announcement via Twitter, however, that he will not try out MMA now, or ever, for that matter. The star wrestler still enjoys the sport, but it’s just too "brutal" for him to be a participant.

"MMA is brutal. Great sport, but not for me. I will never step foot in the Octagon," Burroughs wrote.

Several high profile wrestlers turned fighters had expressed interest in working with Burroughs including fellow Olympian and now top rated UFC fighter Daniel Cormier. Now it seems Burroughs will focus his career on the mats for the 2016 Olympics where he will seek out his second gold medal.

Burroughs has also expressed an interest in coaching wrestling so he could easily follow in the steps of another famous U.S. Olympic gold medal winner in Cael Sanderson, who is now considered one of the top coaches in the sport where he teaches his team at Penn State University.