McGregor’s threesome tweet backfires

Twitter can be a fighter’s best friend, but it can also be their worst enemy depending on what happens in those 140 characters that are sent out into the world.

Overreactions and bad jokes can often times come back to haunt a fighter. And deleting a tweet? Please. History has shown time and again that if someone has already seen it, then someone has taken a screen shot and it lives in infamy forever. Such is the case with one of the latest posts from UFC featherweight Conor McGregor, who decided to do a fan Q&A on his Twitter page on Sunday.

The questions ranged from McGregor’s opinion on who is the greatest fighter of all time (he looked in the mirror for that answer) to funnier questions like who would win in a fight between Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta (Conor would buy that pay-per-view).

Never one to back away from a less than appropriate question, McGregor was then asked the following about current TUF stars Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate:

He responded to the tweet by saying he’d choose both, but he didn’t stop there — he got downright explicit in the details.

Now the reaction that McGregor gave was likely very much in jest, and meant as nothing more than a funny joke to answer the fan question. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine one of the women’s stars from the UFC being posed with a similar question and not only answering but giving latitude to the inquiry with that kind of response.

McGregor is quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought after fighters on the UFC roster after only two fights, and part of the attraction of the Irish born featherweight is that he doesn’t hold his tongue or play the politically correct game.

He’s brash, he’s unapologetic, and he’s rough around the edges. Those are all admirable traits, and should be celebrated. He even manages to tweet out his escapades at strip clubs with NFL Hall of Famers as well as famed rap producer Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs.

But maybe the next time he’s asked a question about fighters he will be sharing space with in locker rooms and press conferences, the word he responds with is one of respect or like most fighters he just chooses to ignore it all together.

Since responding to the question, McGregor has deleted the tweet, and on Monday evening he offered up an apology for the original message.


Miesha Tate has offered a formal response to McGregor on Twitter, brushing off the comment as a "joke". There has been no reply yet from Rousey, who is still on location in Bulgaria filming The Expendables 3.