John Lineker wants a shot at Dominick Cruz, so let him have it

John Lineker wants Dominick Cruz for the bantamweight world title. I say the UFC and Cruz give it to him.

Lineker beat former title challenger Michael McDonald by nasty TKO on Wednesday night at UFC Fight Night in South Dakota, and called for a title shot. The former flyweight contender has proven that he can carry his KO power up a class.

He’s also won five straight fights, more than enough to to make him look compelling on paper as a title challenger. His blasting style makes him more than than convincing in living color. 

After years of old rivalries, Cruz now has a brand new deserving opponent hungry to get his hands on him. Imagine the stylstic contrast — Lineker wading in with deadly punches against the best matador in the UFC.

Both men would bring technique to the fight, but with polar-opposite tactics and strengths. The timing for this potential matchup also could work well, with Lineker’s win Wednesday coming about a month after Cruz’s last fight, at UFC 199.

If there’s any chance Cruz and Lineker could be ready at around the same time for their next fights, let’s make it against one another. I’d watch it, and I’m betting fans will, too.