Heavyweight Walt Harris latest fighter to receive UFC release

Walt Harris: "I've just got to work my way back to the show"

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Heavyweight fighter Walt Harris is the latest competitor to release his release from the UFC after the promotion opted to let him go following his recent loss to Nikita Krylov at FOX UFC Saturday in Chicago in January.

Harris confirmed the news to FOX Sports on Thursday evening after receiving word from the UFC.

The 6’4" former basketball player made an impressive debut with his fight against Jared Rosholt, nearly winning the bout in the first round after knocking around the former college wrestling standout and nearly finishing the fight.  Unfortunately, Harris didn’t get the quick end he wanted, and Rosholt battled back to win a close decision.

Harris then lost the fight to Krylov via head kick in the first round of their fight in January, and this week he received his release.

"I kind of prepared myself for it, but I also didn’t really expect it," Harris told FOX Sports. "I figured they’d give me at least one more opportunity to go in there and prove myself, seeing as how the first fight was a decision and the second fight in my mind, he got kind of lucky.  I blocked the kick and it snuck through, but whatever.  It is what it is, I’ve just got to work my way back to the show."

Harris was signed to the UFC after only six professional fights, and even now just moments after exiting the promotion he can readily admit that being in the biggest MMA in the show may have overwhelmed him a bit.  Like a kid from the minor leagues asked to come up and stand at home plate while facing the New York Yankees on his first day, Harris didn’t know how bright the spotlight would be fighting in the UFC.

Now that he understands what it’s like to be a part of the biggest show in the world, Harris doesn’t want to be anywhere else and he’s dedicated to earning his way back there.

"Everything I do, I want to be at the highest level," Harris said. "Getting a taste of it was amazing, it just happened so fast for me.  Two months or three months since I was signed and now this, so I’m looking forward to going in there and making a name now. I was a little taken back by it all honestly, so now I’m prepared for it and I’m ready to do what I’ve got to do when I get back in there."