BJ Penn to sit down with FS1, exclusively, Nov. 24 on ‘UFC 1 on 1’

BJ Penn became a living fight legend long before he retired, last year. He is one of just three men to win MMA world titles in two different weight classes.

In all, Penn competed in five different weight classes, from featherweight to heavyweight, fighting the best he could find, no matter their size. As UFC President Dana White has said, "BJ Penn was born to fight. That’s what he was put on this earth to do."

Penn recently told "UFC Tonight" that he’s interested in returning to competition, even though he hasn’t trained in more than a year. He even has an opponent in mind — Nick Lentz.

Find out the latest that’s on Penn’s mind in an exclusive FS1 interview, Nov. 24 at 7:30 p.m. ET. Jay Glazer sits down with "The Prodigy" on the latest edition of "UFC 1 on 1" to talk about his unique fighting style and mindset, which led to some of the most exciting and talked-about fights in the promotion’s history.

You never know what you’re going to get from Penn, and that’s what has always made him must-watch television. That’s also why you’ll want to be sure to tune in to FS1 this coming Tuesday.