No mask, no problem: Giancarlo Stanton caps big night by hitting without faceguard

April 14, 2015

ATLANTA -- Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton ditched his facemask-adorned helmet during his final at-bat Tuesday night at Turner Field.

Stanton produced a two-run double to left off Atlanta Braves lefty Andrew McKirahan without the special helmet.

Following the game, Stanton said he decided to do so because it was a left-hander on the mound. He still intends on wearing the protective mask against righties and go on a case-by-case basis with left-handers.

"Honestly it's whatever I feel like doing," Stanton said of how he'll determine what helmet to use. "If I don't want to take any time from the game to do it on the bases but if a pitcher's meeting comes I'll change it or something or pitching change comes I'll change it."

In his previous four appearances Tuesday, Stanton reached base with a single, another double and two walks. He drove in four RBI in the Marlins' 8-2 victory. He entered the game 3 for 23 (.130) to open the season.

Since spring training, Stanton has been wearing the special helmet after Milwaukee Brewers right-hander Mike Fiers' pitch struck him in the face on Sept. 11, 2014, cutting short his season by 17 games. He sustained multiple facial lacerations and fractures.

"Fine, just like my whole career prior," Stanton said of what it felt like with the normal helmet. "It was good."

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