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Mail-it-in Friday: Life isn't fair, so just deal with it, OK?
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Mail-it-in Friday: Life isn't fair, so just deal with it, OK?

Published Oct. 31, 2014 11:00 a.m. ET

We're back!

Another work week has reached its end, so that means it's time for another edition of Mail-it-in Friday. We're answering your questions, comments and concerns about everything NFL.

Now, before we get started, I'm going to be real with everyone. I'm in a foul mood. The Giants won yet another World Series and as a faithful Dodgers fan since childhood, my nightmare continues on this Halloween holiday. So, if I'm a bit prickly, I apologize in advance.

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OK, let's get to work!


Skipper wrote,

Please pass this on to Mike Pereira, no one mentions the missed calls like this that could impact the game.

Twice (at least) in the game it appears the snap clock had expired on the Lions without a flag being thrown.  Even had a false start on the second one (this drive led to a score).  Well, why should anyone complain or even be concerned with non-calls like this, the officials got it right in the end...just in time to save the Lions from defeat! 

Sour grapes, so be it!

I've also attached the photos for clarity. 

Skipper, I appreciate your attention to detail. The photos clearly show that it does indeed appear that the play clock reached zero before the ball was snapped on two occasions.

Here's my response: Get over it. First of all, the play clock on TV -- just the like the yellow line that delineates the first down -- doesn't always jibe with what's going down on the field. But even if that was right, maybe the referees just missed it. This game was in London, so it's possible the official responsible for watching the play clock was distracted by some cute little crumpet waving at him from the stands.

Maybe the refs just hate the Falcons. I don't really know and frankly, I don't care. Your stupid team blew a 21-point lead and lost a game they had in their hip pockets. Pointing out a couple missed calls won't make a difference. Nobody likes a whiner.

I just had to watch the stupid Giants and stupid Madison Bumgarner (lame name) win another damn World Series. When is someone going to worry about my problems, huh?!


Hamid wrote,

Keep up the good work. Best regards.

Thanks, Hamid. I needed that. The last couple days have been real rough.

Ro wrote,

I'm watching the Patriots-Bears game and your announcers have mentioned the mismatch between Mundy (the Chicago Safety) and Gronkowski. Did you know that they graduated from the same high school?  Woodland Hills, just east of Pittsburgh.


Woodland Hills also produced the likes of Jason Taylor, Lousaka Polite (great name), Shawntae Spencer and Steve Breaston. Must be something in the water over there in Pennsylvania.

Dick wrote,

Christmas wish: Bring back Pam Oliver and add her to the half time comment group-drop Boomer. 

Dick, I only followed your email up until "Pam Oliver." After that, I'm like:

What the hell is a "group-drop Boomer"? Is that some TV thing I'm not familiar with?

Garrett wrote,

Bill O'Brien needs to start JJ Watt at every position for the Texans.

I would include general manager to JJ's new list of duties. Who thought it was a good idea to go into this season with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback? Was Bubby Brister not available?

Ichez wrote,

Is Mel Tucker the right man for the Bears D?

This isn't a season that the Bears' defensive coordinator will want to put on his resume. Let's take a look at what's gone down this season.

The Bears have given up 38 points to the Packers, 27 to the receiver-less Panthers, 27 to the Dolphins and were torched for 51 points by the Patriots. They're 26th in the league in total yards allowed and 29th in points allowed. Gross.

Now, is this a matter of personnel or scheme? That's one of those age-old questions that's hard to answer. Take what's going on in New Orleans. Did Rob Ryan suddenly forget how to coach defense from one season to the next? Doubtful, but yet the Saints' D is nowhere near the unit they were in 2013.

It definitely seems as though the Bears have put a lot of effort into beefing up their offense under head coach Marc Trestman. Has the defense been neglected? Maybe.

Quite frankly, the Bears are such a friggin' mess right now, the entire coaching staff might be headed out the door if things don't improve soon. I won't lump everything on Mel Tucker.


can I tweet you problems I'm having with other networks announcers?

Gee, juding by your handle, I have no idea what announcer you could be talking about.

But feel free to tweet me @RealSidSaraf! (Shameless plug)

Fady Falcon wrote,

Falcons need a new face at head coach.

Why? Is Mike Smith not handsome enough for you? I think he has a lovely smile:

But if you're talking about football, I'd still have trouble ageeing with you. The injuries the Falcons have had to deal with the last two seasons are worthy of a horror movie. They've lost four starting offensive linemen this year. Four.

We get that injuries are part of the game, but that's just redonk. Mike Smith has had too much (regular season) success in Atlanta to just be cast out like that. Now, if the team screws up next year, then we'll talk.

Squirrelly wrote,

When will Big Ben finally get the respect he deserves from the media? He is a top 5 QB always has been! It's time!

First of all, I love your handle. I've made a living out of acting squirrelly.

As far as Big Ben is concerned, it's his own fault that he's not getting the respect he deserves. Sure, he has two Super Bowl wins under his belt and no sane person would deny his talent.

Big Ben can ball with the best of them and, yeah, the argument can be made that he's in the conversation when it comes to the best quarterbacks in the league. But as far as getting love from the media? That's a different question.

Maybe it's that Big Ben has some weird and creepy things in his past? I'm not going to get into them here, but we've all heard the stories. That could be why media types aren't tripping over themselves to fawn all over him. Or maybe you're just a whiny Steelers fan who isn't happy unless people sing the praises of the Black and Gold from every mountaintop?

Choc Ice wrote,

What teams have never had a number one draft pick?

What is this, a game show?! Don't ask me trivia questions . . . that's what Google is for!

Oren wrote,

Should the Jets pursue a QB like Colt McCoy or Matt Flynn to help quell QB woes?

Oh, LORD! Wouldn't that just be the most JETS move ever? I'm begging for this headline to cross:

Report: Jets sign Matt Flynn to three-year contract with $45 million guaranteed.

That would soon be followed by:

BREAKING NEWS: Indian NFL editor at in critical condition after laughing so hard his heart briefly stopped.

Please, Jets, make this happen. For comedy's sake.

Daleo wrote,

Just the Raiders as a whole.

Yes, as a whole, they are awful. Thanks for reaching out.

warcriminals wrote,

Yes, Run Saints Run. He drives us all nuts passing all the time. Trying to ride Brees to the HOF.

War criminals?! What kind of people reach out to me?

But to answer your question . . . shut up. Brees is on my fantasy team and I want him to continue chucking the ball 60 times a game. Who cares if the Saints win? It's all about those points, baby!!

Aly wrote,

How can the Giants prove themselves in Week 9?

Welp, hopefully they can avoid doing this on national TV:

Somehow, the Giants with their 3-4 record, got on Monday Night Football against a seemingly more powerful opponent in the Colts. Now, the smart money would say bet against Big Blue this week, but that's not how the NFL works.

This league is so goofy that I can totally see the Giants derping their way through three quarters, only to pull a play or two out of thin air late to get the upset win. We've seen it happen to often before.

Jared wrote,

Is it time to give up on Julio Jones and the Falcons offense?

No, but it's definitely time to give up on this mailbag. I'm tapped out.

OK, everyone, have a happy and safe Halloween! Throw one back for me!







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