Report: Browns willing to send 3rd-round pick to 49ers if Kaepernick reworks contract

Published Mar. 12, 2016 7:44 a.m. ET

We found out Friday that Colin Kaepernick would like to play for the Cleveland Browns, and now we have an idea of what it will take to acquire him.

The Browns are willing to give the San Francisco 49ers a third-round draft pick in exchange for Kaepernick, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Plain Dealer reports the 49ers actually want a second-round pick but would settle for the Browns' third-rounder since it is the second pick in third round.

However, such a deal would be contingent on Kaepernick restructuring his contract, which calls for him to make $19 million per season (through the 2020 season). From the Plain Dealer:

ESPN was first to report Kaepernick's interest in the Browns, after FOX Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo listed the Browns and New York Jets as possible suitors for him.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos -- the team most prominently mentioned as a suitor for Kaepernick after losing Peyton Manning to retirement and Brock Osweiler to free agency -- are believed to still be in the sweepstakes. On Friday, the Broncos picked up QB Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles. However, Sanchez hasn't been a starter since the 2012 season, and Broncos GM John Elway indicated the defending Super Bowl champions aren't done improving at the QB position: