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LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers: GOATs of manipulating media?
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LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers: GOATs of manipulating media?

Published Feb. 24, 2022 6:32 p.m. ET

LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers have a few things in common.

Both are champions — James has four NBA championships, Rodgers has one Super Bowl title. Both are among the great players of their eras — perhaps even of all-time — in their respective sports.

And there is one other area in which these superstars are alike, according to Skip Bayless — media manipulation. Bayless explained why in the latest episode of his podcast, "The Skip Bayless Show," first addressing James.

LeBron James is "the biggest diva in the history of sports"

Skip Bayless breaks down LeBron James’ comments at All-Star Weekend in Cleveland and discusses how James is using Rob Pelinka and Russell Westbrook as scapegoats for his own mistakes.

"[James] is now hands down the all-time greatest master media manipulator in the history of all sports," Bayless said. "Any athlete, any year, any era, any time, hands down. LeBron stole this award and ran with it over the weekend."

Bayless was referring to the All-Star break, in which James seemingly made a scapegoat out of Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka for not following through on a reported deal that would have sent Russell Westbrook to Houston for John Wall.

James did so in a somewhat subtle way — by praising Rams general manager Les Snead for giving up future draft picks in order to build a Super Bowl champion this season.

"Obviously, that turns all the guns out there on social media toward Rob Pelinka," Bayless said. "Because obviously, LeBron is cheering on the L.A. Rams GM at the expense of the L.A. Lakers GM Rob Pelinka."

What is James is leaving out of the narrative, Bayless points out, is that James was the person who pushed for bringing in Westbrook in the first place, nixing a reported deal for Sacramento sharp-shooter Buddy Hield in the process. 

When the Rockets asked for a first-round pick to take Westbrook off the Lakers' hands, owner Jeanie Buss stepped in a put a stop to it all. Bayless said that's what led to LeBron's comments about Snead, a move he called "transparently petty."

"LeBron wears the crown of biggest diva in the history of sports," Bayless said. "There's never been anything like this guy."

Bayless then set his sights on Rodgers, who he views as similar to James in how he uses social media to manipulate the media and fans. 

"Now to the NFL's LeBron, Aaron Bleepin' Rodgers," Bayless said. "Back-to-back MVPs. Another phony GOAT, who has clinched being the all-time greatest in only one category — master media manipulator. All-time great, just like LeBron."

Aaron Rodgers has Packer Nation on its knees

Skip Bayless comments on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ amazing ability to garner sympathy from fans despite his repeated playoff failures.

As evidence, Bayless pointed to Rodgers' efforts to make himself into a sympathetic figure after the Packers' early exit from the postseason — at home no less — against the 49ers.

"Aaron Rodgers just choked again, at home in another fourth quarter, another big playoff game. He has managed once again to turn himself into a sympathetic figure and I am in awe of this process," Bayless said. "He once again has Packer Nation at his feet, begging him, 'Please don't retire! Please don't demand a trade to the Denver Broncos, Aaron!'"

Bayless pointed to an Instagram post that Rodgers made of his two favorite receivers — Davante Adams and Randall Cobb — standing on the sideline next to each other during the anthem, leaving a space between them where Rodgers would normally stand.

"You know exactly what you're doing," Bayless said. "He's planting the hint of a bombshell that he's retiring."

Bayless said that Rodgers, like LeBron, is brilliant at obscuring the facts and twisting the narrative, all with a self-serving motive of polishing his image.

"I'm in awe of it. I'm mesmerized by it," Bayless said. "Failing on the field, turning into an offseason hero again for Packer Nation. Poor Aaron Rodgers? I say poor Packer Nation. Aaron Rodgers in the end is a crafty fraud."

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